My comics are currently being made and sold in Madison WI. I draw them in my bedroom, ride my bicycle to the public library, print them, and then sell them at my local comic shop. I would love to sell them in more places and maybe make a short strip in some papers. If you are you are involved in local printing, comic shops, or newspapers and are interested some sort of business relationship please contact me.

Thrills of Mediocrity

"Thrills of Mediocrity" is my most recent project. It stars a character called "Mediocre Guy" who exists to vent my frustration or act as an everyman in what ever story I want to write. I want to be able to experiment with these comics, I would hope that what it looks like six months from now would be completely different from what it looks like right now. I hope also to improve my ability as an artist and an author by making this comic book. Some of the drawings and dialogue in the earlier issues are already embarrassing to me but I want to use those earlier issues to learn and grow.

You may be asking yourself: What actually happens in this comic? Basically, whatever I feel like. The comics are mostly episodic however that may change sometime in the future. They are sometimes political, sometimes satirical, sometimes nonsensical, and sometimes all of those combined. But remember, it is ever changing. If you hate it now you might love it a year from now and if you love it now, hope you like where it's heading. I try and release a new comic once a month, might not always happen for various reasons.

Buy Comics

If you would like to pick up some of my comics you can buy them at Graham Cracker Comic Books on 2831 E. Washington Ave Madison, WI. Go into the shop and ask for "Thrills of Mediocrity" by Moritz Junker. They'll probably let you read the whole thing if you just want to check it out. The people there are really nice and I'm really happy they're selling my stuff.

Though I would prefer if you bought the physical comic book you can also read parts of the older issues online at the links below.

Thrills of Mediocrity #1

Thrills of Mediocrity #2